Individual Legs

A description of each of the proposed legs appears under each individual leg and details of each Leg is reported as it occurs for those wishing to follow Vittoria's passage during the year. Click on the required leg in right hand box.


On passage I shall be in touch with my brother, every day or two, by satellite phone for 5 day weather forecasts and at the same time will give him any interesting journey details and position information in order to update the information for that particular leg.


I subscribe to the buoyweather service and give my brother my forecast positions each day for 5 days ahead and on the following day he tells me what the forecasts are for these positions. I then give him my revised position forecasts and so on we go. There's not a lot you can do to avoid the weather on an ocean crossing but it's good to be able to prepare in advance for very bad weather and on the Trade wind crossing I normally give him several sets of possibe position forecasts so I can decide how far south (towards Cape Verde) to go to pick up good winds.