Pet Advice

The following advice has been provided by The Barn Animal Hospital, It is intended for people with pets in the locality of the bonfire and fireworks (held 6.30ish to 7.30ish on  the evening of Saturday, 30th October in the two fields alongside Weston Road and opposite Weston Close. You are welcome to email them on or call in to ask for specific advice about your own pet.


- If your pet was upset last year you can spend the year gradually working with de-sensitisation CDs well before next bonfire night (we can advice on where to obtain these from).

- Behave normally yourself, try not to be anxious or excited and don't 'over pander' your pet, they pick up changes in your behaviour which unsettles them.

- Put the TV or radio on, close the curtains and put the lights on, this way your pet will not see the flashes in the sky and the noise will not seem so loud with background noise in the house.

- Allow your pet to hide if he or she wants to, under a bed or behind the settee or wherever. They will feel more secure being allowed to hide if they want to.

- We stock products to calm cats and dogs which most people find beneficial on bonfire night, such as Calmex, Feliway, Adaptil and Zylkene.