Guy Fawkes 2023 Entry List


Entry No. (assigned by Roger), Guys Name, Location, Made By


1. Spider Fawkes, St. Martins Row

2. Batty Fawkes, The Pond, Roger Clark

3. Drowning Fawkes, The Pond (look closely), Roger Clark

4. Dolly Fawkes, By the Pond, Lorraine and Mary

5. Croc Eating Guy Fawkes, The Pond, Roger Clark 

6. Which Fawkes?, Waverly Cottage, Church Street, Peter & Margaret Haynes

7. The Reverend Simon Fawkes, Church Entrance, Maureen Dere

8. Bell Ringer Fawkes, Opposite  Old Manor Lodge, Church Street, Lucy & Michael Church

9. Nobody Fawkes, Manor House, Ross & Roger

10. Mallard Fawkes, The Pond, very lifelike!

11. Moorhen Fawkes, The Pond, very lifelike!

12. Don't text & drive Fawkes, Weston Roadside, Holly Storm, Old Basing

13. Stevie Fawkes, Haysley, Weston Close, Maureen

14. Penny for the Guy, Outside Village Hall, Robin & Rosie Reid

15. PC Andy Fawkes, Weston Road, Annie Hooper.

16. Paddington Fawkes, Weston Close Green, Lisa Morgan

17. Animal Guy, The Old Court, Lees Hill, The Mills Family

18. Rugby Guy, Linch Cottage, Weston Road, David Cook

19. Fawkes Hall, Thurlesdon House, Church Street?, Jean Ross 

20. The Ghost of Daneshill School, Weston Road, The David Family

21. Rugby Fawkes, Cleves Lane Green 

22. Doctor Fawkes, 5, South Hill, Aoife & Cara Morris

23. Spider Fawkes, Weston House, Weston Close 

24. Spooky Fawkes, 5, South Hill

25. Feel the Burn Fawkes, Compton House, Wezston Road

26. Various Spooks, Yew tree Cottage, Sheila Hart