2023 Jack O'Lantern Entries

Villagers are invited to make Jack O'Lanterns for display around the village by Saturday, 21st October. Much earlier then the carving may cause the pumpkin to deteriorate before Halloween.

Typically the Jack O'Lanterns will be displayed outside their houses or at the end of their lane or any public place (eg the Pond, Cleves Lane Green, Homes Hill border, Weston Close border, Hoddington borders).


A Jack O'Lantern is a carved out Pumpkin. See examples of three of them on the Start Page of this web site.


You may grow your own pumpkin for this but it is expected that the majority will be shop bought. As October progresses they will be found for sale, quite cheaply, in all the major supermarkets as well as Newlyn's Farm Shop and other local shops.


It is not necessary for them to have any light inside although lights make spectacular night time viewing. 


Small LED push lights may be purchased from B&Q - a pack of 3 for about £10. Larger supermarkets also stock them as does Amazon.


To enter your Jack O'Lantern in the competition, fill in the entry card (click on 2023 Entry Card on the right) and email it as an attachment, ideally with a picture of your Jack O'Lantern also attached, to rogerclark@btinternet.com.


Entries are free but donations are welcome and can be put in the St. Michael's Hospice charity box at the Upton Grey Shop.