2023 Guy Fawkes Entries

Villagers are invited to make Guy Fawkes for display around the village from Saturday, 14th October (or earlier!). Typically the Guy Fawkes will be displayed outside their houses or at the end of their lane or any public place (eg the Pond, Cleves Lane Green, Holmes Hill border, Weston Close border, Hoddington borders).

A common way of stuffing Guy Fawkes is with straw and bags of straw will be available outside Newlyn's Farm Shop from Thursday, 12th October. Click on "Photo Album" above to see previous year's Guy Fawkes photos.


To enter your guy in the competition, fill in the entry card (click on 2023 Entry Card on the right) and email it as an attachment, ideally with a picture of your guy also attached, to rogerclark@btinternet.com.


Entries are free but donations can be put in the St. Michael's Hospice charity box at Newlyn's for the straw or in general at the Upton Grey Shop.


A list of entries will be pinned to the Village Hall Notice Board and regularly? updated.