How can I sponsor

I would be very grateful to receive individual donations to support this event.For sponsorship details please download the following document. (Please note downloads can take a little time).

2013 sponsorship request.doc
Microsoft Word document [41.5 KB]

N/A - No Cup donations required for 2021

We would welcome individuals or companies who would like to donate a cup with their name on it. In addition to the prize money, this cup would be awarded to the first prize in an entry class of your choice (as long as a cup had not already been donated to this class). 

Donators of Cups will be listed in the sponsorship section of our web site and, if the donator desired, a link to their web site would also be given under Links in the top panel.


We are proposing the same Cup for all prizewinners and it is a 12 1/4 " or 10 1/4 " silver Cup mounted on a solid plastic block. On the pedestal, one side will be engraved to say who has donated the Cup (e.g. DONATED BY L. HUNT & SONS), another side will say "UPTON GREY AUTUMN FESTIVAL", another side will say the name of the Event you have chosen to sponsor (e.g. HEAVIEST PUMPKIN - these will be chosen by you on a first come, first served basis), and the final side will be later inscribed with the winners name (e.g. 1st Prize 2013, Jimmy Smith).


The Cup and all the engraving will cost the sponsor a total of £40 and a master list of allocated events is held by Roger Clark.

The Cup is non returnable and you may or may not choose to sponsor a Cup in future years