Pledging and Costs

About 145 houses in Upton Grey have expressed interest in a superfast broadband service out of about 250 households. After a detailed survey Openreach has offered to connect, for free, those people on their list of qualifying residences. This list also includes parts of Tunworth and Weston Patrick etc. and totals 295 premises. For the scheme to go ahead at least 134 households are required to pledge their free government vouchers to Openreach and also commit to contracting with a broadband supplier for a superfast broadband package.

Openreach will apply for the vouchers on our behalf - we only have to pledge them. The vouchers are provided by the Government and also the Hampshire rural top up scheme. For a residential premise their total value is £3000. For a small business it is a max of £3500. The qualification for a Small (or Medium) size business (SME) is given in paras a - h on pages 2 & 3 of the detailed offer (see previous section).


Details of how to pledge vouchers follow in the next section.   

Pledges should be given as soon as possible but definitely before Xmas.


Those pledging also have to commit to contracting with a Broadband supplier for a superfast broadband package for at least 12 months . The additional cost for an upgrade to this varies according to which supplier you have, what package you are on and which fibre package you upgrade to. Various deals also occur from time to time. In my case I am with BT and if I upgrade to their minimum 100 megabit fibre package then, for about an additional £1 per week, I will get a guaranteed fivefold increase in upload and download speeds. They also provide faster packages up to 9oo megabits.

Contracting for a package occurs once the fibre has been installed - hopefully well before the end of 2021.

If you move house before the fibre is installed then your commitment to contract for a package no longer stands.


The fibre is laid right to your premises at no cost to you regardless of any work involved. See Disruption section.


                                                                                                                                                     Pledges .