How to pledge vouchers


Our vouchers have now been authorized and a pledging web site set up (earlier than indicated – well done Openreach!)


You can now pledge your vouchers by going to


Click where it says “find out how”

Then click the box where it says “Yes” to confirm that you are currently getting less than100 mb speeds (if not sure then click here anyway)

Enter your postcode and put a tick in the box to confirm that you are not a robot (it may also ask you to click on some pictures). Then click on the green box

You will then see your pledging page. Near the bottom of the screen you will see a green box saying “Pledge for Upton Grey Ultrafast Community Project” – click on that.

You will then be able to enter your information to pledge your voucher.

Tick box after email address.


Note if you are a residence with 2 phones then the voucher covers both phones and fibre will be provided for both.


Once you have pledged, contact your area representative (see Area Representatives  in right hand panel) and inform your rep of the date you pledged. This enables us to monitor progress and who to chase if we have insufficient pledges


Note that you do not need to order a new fibre package until the fibre installation is completed by next Autumn hopefully.


Please pledge soonest and if things go well then there is a good chance that fibre will be fully installed by October, 2021.


All the above points are explained in much more detail on the Autumn Festival website. Go to and click on “Upton Grey Superfast Broadband” on the top line.


Any queries, please contact Roger Clark, or 01256 862 776.                          

hese details will be provided here by this Friday, 20/11/20.