With the current technologies the disruption to your properties should be minmal. Openreach               will lay fibre all the way to your property using your current copper run where possible. In a few cases it may be necessary for them to carry out additional work to connect you and would require permissions to do this and access to your site.


Given the horrendous earthworks involved with the sewage works being laid in Weston Road from the Holmes Hill development some people have raised concerns regarding a repeat performance when (hopefully) fibre comes to Upton Grey.


Let me assure them that this will not be the case because of several reasons


  1. Fibre cable already runs from the junction box all the way up Church Hill to the end of the village
  2. It will also run from the junction box all the way down Weston Road to Holmes Hill shortly
  3. I have also been informed that it runs all the way down Bidden Road as well

    Apart from which
  4. The whole village has cables run down the roads and connecting up to houses via copper cables. These are all in conduits. The method of installing fibre is to run it down all these conduits. Unlikely, but possible, problems could occur if a conduit is blocked.
  5. You may have noticed from time to time Openreach sectioning of small areas of local road (2 meters square?) so that they can access underground cable sections through “manholes” or other constructs in the road. This is so they can introduce cable at one junction and drag it out at the next. This may impede short areas of 2 way traffic flow to protect workers.
  6. BTW, the sewage earthworks are particularly disruptive because the sewage has to flow downwards all the way from Holmes Hill to the far end of the village. This means that where the ground level is not naturally falling away the trench for it has to be dug progressively deeper and deeper as it progresses creating lots of spoil from ever deepening trenchwork in places.


Hope this reassures.


Some properties phones are connected by overhead telephone cables on telegraph poles. Fibre connections can also be provided in this manner and I presume this is how these properties will be connected.