Apart from the obvious benefit of a far faster Broadband service, the installation of fibre will probably increase the asset value of your house and / or probably make it easier to sell.

A London School of Economics report claimed an average increase of 3% in value for houses with fibre laid and there are reports of house sales falling through because fibre had not been laid.

At this point in time we are able to achieve free fibre - this is unlikely in the future.


BT have informed me that

- for their minimum fibre package, Fibre 100, the estimated download speed is 150 megabits but guaranteed to be at least 100 megabits.  The upload speed is estimated to be 30 megabits but no minimum guarantee

- at the top end, the Fibre 900 has an estimated upload speed of 900 megabits and a guarantee of 455 megabits. The upload speed is estimated to be 90 megabits, again with no guaranteed minimum.


In my case I am with BT and will get a fivefold increase in download and upload speeds for about an extra £1 per week.