Area Representatives

There are 11 area representatives. Their role is to be a source of information. They will also be responsible for delivering information updates (normally by flyers - but in Upton Grey the postman will probably be used) and also to monitor local progress (eg check the amount of pledges completed in their area) and encourage more to participate.


The area representatives are as follows


Paul Gray, - Weston Road and offshoots from Hunts Transport to Weston Close

Myself, Roger Clark, - Weston Close

Soma Singh, - Weston Close to the Duck Pond and off shoots

Gary Willis, - The road to S. Warnborough and offshoots after the Old Forge and up to the Tile Barn Farm "complex"

Lee Collins, - the Hoddington area from The Old Post House to Beale's scaffolding

Andrea Janaway, - the Bidden area, Manor Farm & Cottages, Manor Farm Yard and Ford Farm Area?

Charles Holroyd, - Church Street, his house to Peter Haynes, Waverley Cottage and all offshoots.

Peter Haynes, - His house and up Chuch Street until the end of the vilage and all offshoots except Cleves Lane.

Mike Mendoza, - Cleves Lane and round to Phil & Ella Whiteheads.

James Whitcombe, - Dower House & cottages etc., 1 & 2 Tunworth Hill Cottages and Reeds Farm House

Peter Stemp,, 861743 - Weston Patrick, Corbett and Mark

but not Reeds Farm House