Upton Grey Superfast Broadband 

Upton Grey has applied for fibre installation to enable Superfast Broadband using the government free voucher scherme and the Hampshire local top up scheme. This application now also includes parts of Tunworth and also Weston Patrick, Corbett and Mark.


If we get sufficient applicants then we will have enough free vouchers to totally fund this scheme. It seems likely that we will have enough vouchers if most currently interested parties go forward to the pledging stage.


This scheme will provide free fibre installation right up to residents premises. The only condition is that residents must pledge their free vouchers to Openreach and commit to a fibre package from a broadband supplier for a minimum of 12 months.


To see the full details of the offer click on Details of Openreach Offer and open the file.


To see  Openreach list of Voucher Holders (people they believe have pledged their vouchers) click on "Voucher Pledging List" and open the file.


Click on Pledging and Costs for more clarification.


Openreach have provided a list of qualifying residences - click on Qualifying Residences.


For the current status of our application and likely timescales click on Current Status & Timescales


There are several benefits gained by having fibre laid to your premises. Click on Benefits.


There should be little disruption to the environs. Click on Disruption.


So as to enable rapid communication I have divided our residences up into areas with area representatives. These representatives will always have the most up to date information.Click on Area Representatives.


For any further queries contact your area representative or Roger Clark, estelle.clark@btinternet.com, 01256 862 776.