Judging / Rules - NOT 2021 (click on 2021 Judging above)

YOU, THE ATTENDEES, WILL BE THE JUDGES. Simple voting slips will be provided alongside each class of entry. Children may enter their age on their entry cards and judges are encouraged to take account of a childs age when deciding on the best entry.


The purpose of this event is to have fun and therefore there will be no rules except for the conker competitions, apple bobbing, snail racing and pumpkin bowling where a minimum of rules are essential and the organiser's decision is final. The heaviest pumpkin will obviously need weighing.


The events will be described (see Events/Entries above) but the judging will be done by the attendees who may care to use the event description as their criteria. Therefore if someone enters a potato as a gourd and all attendees vote for it as the best gourd display then so be it. However, contestants are not advised to enter potatoes in the gourd classes as they may not get many votes!


We would hope that people grow their own pumpkins for the heaviest pumpkin competition (including from supplied plants) and also their own ornamental gourds. However the pumpkins for carving into Jack O' Lanterns will probably be mostly shop bought and will be found to be cheaply available at Newlyn's Farm Shop, the Village Shop?, and all major supermarkets during this Halloween period.


We do not encourage professionals to enter but if, for example, your mate or sister from Derby wants to bring down their pumpkin (or any other exhibit) for the competition then thats OK. We would expect the majority of entrants to be from the village however. 


For rules on the conker competition, apple bobbing, snail racing and pumpkin bowling click on these individually after clicking on Events / Entries.