Snail Race



You can bring your own snails or hire them at the race venue.


Your snails will be given a sticky label to go on them with an individual number on it.

At the start of a race they will be placed inside a copper ring (snails dislike copper) on a square table. The copper ring is then removed so that they can "race" to the table edge. The first snail to touch the edge wins.


You may paint their shells if you like (acrylic paint may be best for this). Racing Green has proved very effective as an aerodynamic colour but some people swear by Ferrari Red.


According to demand, a number of heats will be run throughout the afternoon, and the winning times recorded. The overall winner will be the fastest time recorded. You can enter as many heats as you like.

Make sure you arrive on time to follow this hair raising event or it may be over before you get there!


Tip - Snails are often in hibernation at this time of year so look under outside objects eg down where your outside stopcock is. Splash a little warm water over them and bring them into the warm. Ensure they can't get away when they wake up. Extra snails will be available for hire at the race start. Alternatively forage the countryside and turn over large stones, dead branches etc. To keep them alive put them in something with a cover (rag?) that lets the air in. A bit of lettuce or similar will serve as food but if you over feed them this will put them at a disadvantage on the day. If you collect them a few days before the Festival then a regular exercise regime is recommended and also a vitamin supplement in their food. However, all performance enhancing drugs are strictly banned and random drug tests will be carried out. Any snail failing the test will be stamped on.