Guy Fawkes Competition - NOT Applicable for 2021


Your Guy should be on display in the village by the weekend prior to the Festival for villagers to view them. To qualify for first prize you must bring a photo of your Guy (ideally A4) along to the Marquee on Festival day to be entered. We would also like you to bring your Guys along for display at the Festival.


Fore more details then please click below

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MAKING YOUR GUY - complicated method



I envisage this as a family effort.


Use old clothes stuffed with rags, hay or straw, scrunched up newspapers etc. (anything to provide bulk that is combustible - but not overly so - like a firework!). Newspaper, if used, might degrade fast in wet conditions so putting it inside a plastic bag inside the Guy's clothes is advisable.

Straw is the most weatherproof material for use on an outside Guy and Newlyn's Farm Shop are kindly providing pre bagged straw free in their outside shop. Straw is quite valuable these days and you are invited to make a donation in the Autumn Festival, St. Michaels Charity Box by the main till in the Farm Shop.


A straight forward Guy consisting of stuffed clothes is fine but for those of you contemplating more complicated structures then here's a possible method -

- Select the Guys costume

- Buy, eg, a pack of Kiln Dried Battening, 19mmx38mm, 8x1.8m at £7.87 from B&Q

- Make a skeleton of this wood to fit the costume (this wood is enough for 2 Guy Fawkes, so share it with a neighbour)

- Use 30mm length screws to make the joints

- Tie the straw onto the wooden skeleton

- Cloth the Guy

- wire /wire netting can be used for hands and face forming

- a head can be made by putting a mask on a polythene bag stuffed with straw for example

- cheap masks and other accoutrements can be obtained from the web



For ideas you can google "Bentworth Scarecrows" to see on You Tube what they did for the Jubilee. Alternatively, Click on Photo Album, above, and then Guy Fawkes photos to see previous Guys.


Villagers are invited to make Guy Fawkes or relatives of Guy Fawkes and then display them in a prominent position outside their houses from early October.


Hopefully by the third week of October the last of the Fawkes will be on display and contestants will have submitted their display details to me (click on Guy Fawkes Display Card above to display and then print one). During the week prior to the festival villagers will be invited to pre judge them in situ and complete pre judging slips that will have a complete list of all the Guy Fawkes around the village (click on Guy Fawkes Display List above to display and then print one). If you are keen you might want to do two eg one outside your house or, for example, one outside the village hall or other public place.


To qualify for first prize, a a large photograph (ideally A4 but can be smaller) of the entry, must be bought to the afternoon's festival with the £1 entry fee. Please also bring your Guy Fawkes along for display at the Festival if possible. In the evening Guy Fawkes will be placed on the bonfire unless you want to take them away after prize giving.