Guy Fawkes 2021 Entry List


Entry No. (assigned by Roger), Guys Name, Location, Made By


1. Sports Fawkes, Orton House, Weston Road, The Dulais

2. Batty Fawkes, The Pond, Roger Clark

3. Drowning Fawkes, The Pond (look closely), Roger Clark

4. Dolly Fawkes, Opposite the Pond, Lorraine Watson

5. Octopussy Fawkes, The Pond, Roger Clark & Margaret Haynes.

6. Which Fawkes?, Waverly Cottage, Church Street, Peter & Margaret Haynes

7. The Reverend Simon Fawkes, Church Entrance, Maureen Dere

8. Bell Ringer Fawkes, Old Manor Lodge, Church Street, Lucy & Michael Church

9. Nobody Fawkes, Manor House, Ross & Roger

10.Queenie Fawkes, Weston Close, Tally Singer

11. PC Andy Fawkes, Weston Road, Annie Hooper

12. Croc Fawkes, Pond, Amazon

13. Mallard Fawkes, The Pond, very realistic!

14. Moorhen Fawkes, The Pond, very realistic!

15. Zebedee Guy, The Old Court, Lees Hill, The Mills Family

16. Flying Witch Fawkes, Weston Roadside, Holly Storm, Old Basing

17. Armand & Ammandas Spiders, Ortton House, Weston Road, The Dulais

18. Stevie Fawkes, Haysley, Weston Close, Maureen

19. May the Fawkes Be With You, Cleves Green, ?

20. The Hoddington Hottie, Landsdown House, Cleves Lane, Charlotte Burrill

21. Tiger Fawkes, Glebe Cottage, Church Street, ?

22. Jason Fawkes, 1, Little Hoddinton, Hollie Thompson

23. Fawkes Hall, Thursden House, Church Street, Jean Ross

24. Where's Toni, Chippington Cottage, Weston Road, William & Bev

25. NHS Thankyou, Linch Cottage, Weston Road

26. Spookey Spider Minecraft Style, 2 Holme Hill, Jack & Harry Clerk