Best Jack O'Lantern

A Jack O'Lantern is a carved out Pumpkin. See examples of three of them on the Start Page of this web site.


You may grow your own pumpkin for this but it is expected that the majority will be shop bought. As October progresses they will be found for sale, quite cheaply, in all the major supermarkets as well as Newlyn's Farm Shop and other local shops.


For the Festival do not bring them with lighted candles inside (LED lights are OK). It is not necessary for them to have any light inside. You may care to keep your Jack O'Lanterns for Halloween night when several houses in the village will have them displayed - with candles and other lights inside on Halloween night.


Small LED push lights may be purchased from B&Q - a pack of 3 for about £7. Larger supermarkets also stock them.