Apple Bobbing

There will be 2 divisions - an under 10 years old one and an open one. Entry fees are £1. First prize for under 10's will be a cup plus £5. First prize for open will be a cup.


Under 10 years old


You have to bob your head in a bowl of water with small apples bobbing in it and grab an apple in your mouth without using your hands. Having shown the judge the apple in your mouth you must remove it, not dry your face, and then go to a "Flour" bowl with sweets buried in it, each containing a number.

You then bob for a sweet which is yours to keep. The judge will then write your name and number down on a board if your number is the highest one bobbed so far. At the end of the competition the highest number bobbed wins the cup and prize money.




At the word "Go" the judge will start a stop watch and you can then bob in a bowl of water containing slightly larger apples than the under 10's. Again, you cannot use your hands. Take, with your mouth, the successfully bobbed apple to the judge who will then stop the watch. The judge will write your name and bobbing time down on a board if you are the fastest to date. At the end of the competition the fastest time recorded wins the cup.