Booking / Tickets

Lunch may be booked in advance and if you want an evening meal in the Hoddington Arms (see Links) you should definitely book early. Phone 01256 862371.


Drinks will be served throughout the day and during the afternoon Newlyn's Farm Shop will be providing a fresh BBQ in the back garden.


In the evening you can grab a burger or hot dog from the Newlyn's BBQ and be entertained in the Heated Marquee by 3 bands and then a Silent Disco.


You are strongly advised to pre book and pre pay the Hoddington Arms for your arrival (back from the bonfire & fireworks) drinks at least 24 hours in advance to avoid queueing at the bar when the masses return. Visit or phone 01256 862371.


The afternoon events are £2 on the gate but Kids are FREE to enter.


The bonfire & fireworks are £7.50 in advance but kids are free with tickets available at the beginning of October from the Village Shop, the Hoddington Arms Pub or Roger Clark (click on contact). Otherwise tickets are £10 on the day but Kids are again FREE to enter.